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“Rents Due” is an EP by Akanni Ta Bom, made with He-brew, after moving to Ghana. This EP showcases Akanni’s modern and unique African experience, blending different styles of music while keeping a connected theme.

The Start of “Rents Due”

The title “Rents Due” reflects the urgency Akanni felt to release this music. After moving to Ghana, Akanni experienced many emotions and stories—joy, grief, anxiety, and anger—that needed an outlet. This EP isn’t just a set of songs; it’s a necessary artistic expression. Akanni felt like he owed the world something, and it was time to pay up.

A Thematic and Experimental Journey

Each song on “Rents Due” is unique but part of a bigger story. This intentional connection gives the EP deeper meaning as a whole. Akanni wanted to create music that mirrors his journey and connects with the modern African experience. By mixing different genres and sounds, Akanni and He-brew created an experimental and boundary-pushing musical experience.

Music as a Safe Haven

For Akanni, music is more than just an art form; it’s a safe place and escape. As an artist who works in many fields, he pours his diverse creative energies into his music, finding comfort and expression. However, these safe spaces come at a cost, symbolized by “rent.” For Akanni, it was time to pay this rent and share the stories he had inside.

A New African Experience

“Rents Due” reflects Akanni’s identity and experiences as an African artist in a global world. It offers a fresh and different view of African music, combining traditional influences with modern sounds. This EP is not only about personal expression but also about expanding the story of African music.


“Rents Due” is a strong and emotional EP that shows Akanni Ta Bom’s journey. It celebrates storytelling through music and reflects the modern African experience. With this EP, Akanni has paid his rent, sharing his unique voice and vision with the world.

Stream Rents Due below

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