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Nana Kodom‘s latest gospel release, “Ayeyi,” is a heartfelt expression of gratitude, resonating with believers and music enthusiasts alike.

About Nana Kodom:

Nana Kodom, a respected Hi-Life artist with years of experience, continues to inspire with his faith-driven music.

Exploring “Ayeyi”:

“Ayeyi,” meaning “praise” in Akan, blends traditional and contemporary gospel elements, offering a soulful message of thanksgiving.


“Ayeyi” has quickly gained popularity, touching listeners from all walks of life with its universal theme of praise.


In essence, “Ayeyi” by Nana Kodom is a divine gift to gospel music, reminding us to find gratitude in our journey of faith.

Experience the spiritual power of “Ayeyi” and let its message of praise fill your heart.

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